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What is a Resource Family?

Resource Family is the term California applies to all families who provide care for children in foster care. Resource families include individuals, couples and families. They may be related to the child, have a familiar or mentoring relationship with the child, or no previous relationship with the child. The term Resource Family describes all types of caregivers, rather than the various terms you may also be familiar with: Foster Parent, Foster-Adopt Parent, Relative, or Non-Related Extended Family Member.

Resource Family Approval is the State of California process that an adult, relative, family friend or foster-adopt family completes to be certified/licensed to provide a caring home for foster children and youth.

In partnership with the County of Sonoma, the Child Parent Institute offers Resource Family Pre-Service Trainings: mandatory training modules that need to be completed before resource families are approved to foster children. 

Resource Families at CPI

Resource Families can take classes at CPI free of charge!

Click here to view our current class schedule.

Registration for classes must be made in person or over the phone. Please call (707) 585-6108 x1240 or visit the Child Parent Institute at 3642 Standish Avenue in Santa Rosa and identify yourself as a resource parent at the time of registration.


The Need for Resource Families

Resource Families are vital members of the local safety net of people and services that protect, care for and help heal Sonoma County children and teens who’ve suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment at home. 

Through no fault of their own, each day between 50-75 Sonoma County foster children and teens need a safe place to live.

Most just need a temporary haven while their parents get help coping with the issues that created an unstable home.

Others are teens trying to stand on their own two feet and just need a room to rent and some encouragement.

Some need a new forever family through adoption.

How children are treated in our community will shape their lives.

We need to show them kindness and give them faith in their futures.

By caring for a local foster child, resource families enrich not only the child's life, but their own.

Learn more about becoming a resource family in Sonoma County.

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