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Infant & Preschool-Age Services

Parents of infants and children aged 0-5 years are often concerned as to whether a child’s behavior is atypical or age-appropriate.

CPI’s Child & Family Counseling team includes mental health professionals trained in Early Childhood Mental Health. We are experienced in providing developmentally informed, specialty services to this young population, and have trained as part of the Infant Parent Mental Health Postgraduate Certificate Program offered through UMass, Boston, and through other early childhood education programs. Our clinical staff participates in ongoing training and consultation in working with infants, preschoolers, families, and parent-child dyads.

Assessment, treatment, consultation, training, and parenting support using evidence-based modalities such as Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is available through both our counseling and parent education departments.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our Early Childhood Mental Health Services, please call our Intake Specialist at (707) 284-1500.

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