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Fathering in 15™

15 Topics. 15 Minutes Each. Become the Best Dad You Can Be.

Fathering in 15™ is a new online learning experience offered by the Child Parent Institute. Fathering in 15™:

  • Builds pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills in an online environment.
  • Engages dads visually and interactively to deliver an enjoyable user experience.
  • Is “responsive,” which means it is designed for use on any device that you or a dad wants to use (i.e. desktop, tablet, or smartphone).

Fathering in 15™ contains 15 topics. Dads can complete each topic in only 15 minutes. Each topic has a similar layout, along with text, videos, graphics, and interactive content to engage dads. Dads can complete each of the 15 topics in order, or they can skip around to the topics that matter the most to them at the time. 

Fathering in 15™ offers the flexibility and convenience that no fatherhood program, workshop, class, or course can offer! 

Ready to get started?  Click here to access Fathering in 15™!
¿Listo para comenzar? ¡Haga clic aquí para acceder a Fathering in 15 ™ en español!

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