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Staying Power: Fostering Trafficked Youth

Saturday, June 5, 2021
9:00 am12:00 pm
Free Online In-Service Training

Please join CPI and fellow Resource Parents for this essential, informative training in fulfillment of the new state-mandated Care and Supervision Best Practices for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children for California Resource Families.


- Learn the basic facts about Commercial Sexual Exploitations of Children (CSEC)
- Understand the intersection with Foster Care
- Learn how to set the youth and Resource Family up for success
- Hear a survivor's perspective


- Recognize CSEC Red Flags and Warning Signs
- Understand their Unique Trauma
- Understand their Trauma Bonds
- Understand their Triggers
- Understand their Flight Response

This course meets qualifications for 3 hours of continuing education required for Resource Parents/Foster Parents.

About Our Presenters

Deena Graves, PhD, founded Traffick911, a Dallas-based anti-trafficking nonprofit that has received national recognition for her copyrighted Traps of a Trafficker© youth prevention-and-identification program. The Traps also has handed child sex traffickers multiple felony arrests and convictions, including an unprecedented four life sentences for one pimp. Deena is an international award-winning communicator who uses that expertise to give a voice to children whose voice and hope have been stripped away by those preying upon them for their own pleasure and profit.

Derek Williams has been working for more than a decade to get pimps, buyers, and victims out of the game after trafficking more than 150 people in all 50 states, Canada, and Europe. Derek started pimping at 16 when he sold his 14-year-old girlfriend to buy heroin. Derek puts his desire to help this way -- "By unpacking my story, I hope to give you strategies to combat the hopelessness that holds many of our children
captive, making them easy prey for a skilled manipulator. While I can never make retribution for all the lives I ravaged, I long to prevent the destruction of more of our children.”

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