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Understanding Autism: Respect, Support, and Empowerment (This class will be held in person)

Saturday | June 15 | 10:00am - 1:00pm | Presented by Emily Hope Parker
Location: CPI Offices, 3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa

(This class will be held in person at the CPI offices located at 3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA)

Join us for a journey into the world of autism, where resource families will uncover its history and many expressions. Through discussions and real-life scenarios, participants will acquire strategies for nurturing children's communication, regulation, socialization, sensory sensitivities, and dietary preferences. Delving deeper, we explore the connection between autism and complex trauma, shedding light on the diverse pathways to neurodivergence. With a keen awareness of the unique challenges faced by children in foster care, we empower families to support every child under their care, whether they are autistic, have endured trauma, or are typically developing. Leave equipped with a deeper knowledge of how to create a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment for all children.

Key topics covered include:
-Understanding the history and diverse presentations of autism
-Strategies to support communication, regulation, socialization, sensory needs, and diet
-The intersection of neurodivergence, including autism and complex trauma

-Understand current autism statistic and use appropriate autism-related terminology
-Recognize the needs of children with autism and potential trauma
-Utilize respectful and supportive strategies that honor the individuality and needs of ALL children
-Implement practical, ready-to-use materials in daily caregiving
-Obtain resources for autism specific safety considerations

Presenter: Emily Hope Parker, whose pronouns are she/her/ella, currently serves as an Instructional Inclusion Coach, collaborating with teachers to ensure the full inclusion of children with disabilities in general education classrooms. With a background in Accessibility Education, Emily's career has predominantly focused on serving those with disabilities and their families. Emily's specialty with autism stems from years of dedicated study and hands-on experience working with individuals with autism, spanning from infancy to young adulthood. Drawing on insights from her close friends with autism, Emily, emphasizing that while she is deeply knowledgeable, she does not consider herself an expert, as she herself does not have autism. Her presentations are research driven, however, they have a heavy focus on centering the voices of actually autistic individuals. Central to Emily's ethos is her unwavering passion for inclusion, which permeates her professional endeavors, philanthropic pursuits, and every aspect of her life. As the founder and president of Inclusive Compass, Emily champions the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, considered, and actively participate in their family, school, and community. She is a fierce disability rights ally and she freely provides consultations and advocacy to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding.

Facilitator: Gigi Wentworth will be a facilitator for this training, leading key segments on regulation. With a rich background in working with foster youth and supporting neurodivergent clients, including those with autism and complex trauma, Gigi brings invaluable expertise to the table. Her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion shines through in her professional and volunteer efforts. As the Vice President of Inclusive Compass, Meggan dedicates her time to promoting inclusive practices and creating supportive environments for all individuals.

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