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Parenting In Oz

Saturdays | February 26 & March 5 | 2 Sessions | 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
FREE In-Service Virtual Training

Attendance at both classes meets the requirements for Module 5 & 6 of the resource family pre-service classes.

Please join us to hear about a very unique and healing way to care for traumatized children.

Parenting In OZ! uses the colorful imagery of the Wizard of Oz to help resource parents understand the every-present fears that are at the center of childhood trauma for children in foster care. This training is not about just providing information, it is about creating understanding. Parenting In OZ! also provides an approach to self-care for caregivers that leaves them energized, optimistic, and better able to “stay in the game” to provide loving, long-term care.

Parenting In OZ! provides the tools needed to heal the trauma that underlies our children’s difficult behaviors. Parenting In OZ! presents an alternative parenting paradigm, a different way to view and understand the difficult behaviors we face every day. When we address the underlying stress and trauma in our children, their behaviors will change and our children will heal.

Rolf Van Leeuwen was a foster parent and adopted his oldest daughter from San Francisco foster care 27 years ago. He worked as a social worker in foster care and adoption for 32 years and recently retired as the Director of Adoption & Permanency at Alternative Family Services. He is very passionate about the OZ! training because he has seen that when parents understand that all “misbehavior is a symptom of something deeper”, they are able to respond to the behavior in a more patient and loving manner.

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