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CPI takes a leadership role in advocating for funding and for a coordinated community response to child abuse and other challenges to the health of families.

CPI is responsive to the needs of the Sonoma County community. Our agency may intervene with families whose children are at risk for gang involvement, offering services that strengthen parenting confidence and build stronger family relationships. CPI organizes community presentations for parents concerned about how to address the impacts of world and community events with their children. CPI is always looking for new ways to increase county awareness of current and ongoing issues that impact the welfare of families and childre

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Prevent Child Abuse Sonoma County

The mission of Prevent Child Abuse - Sonoma County is to establish an effective, cooperative and coordinated response to end child abuse.

Please visit the Prevent Child Abuse - Sonoma County website for more information.

Mandated Reporter / Community Outreach Program

To report suspected child abuse or neglect in Sonoma County, call Family, Youth, and Children's Services at 707.565.4304 or 800.870.7064, Fax: 707.565.4324

The Child Parent Institute is excited to announce our partnership with Sonoma County’s Family, Youth & Children’s Services (FY&C) in the implementation of the new Mandated Reporter / Community Outreach Program. One report of child abuse, followed by successful intervention or support services may be the catalyst for bringing about positive change in the home environment, providing children with a brighter more successful future.

The mission of this program is to not only help mandated reporters identify and report suspected child abuse and neglect, but to also increase familiarity about what happens after a report is made, how FY&C engages with families, and how the community is involved in the decision making process. This training will spread awareness about child abuse prevention and arm community partners with the tools and resources needed to play an active role in preventing child maltreatment. Training is available to: 

● Schools
● Hospitals / Clinics
● Law Enforcement
● Medical Professionals
● Mental Health Professionals
● Faith-based organizations
● Non-profits
● Community Agencies

To schedule a free onsite mandated reporter training that is specifically tailored to your agency please contact FY&C at 707.565.4329 or email at

For more information about the Mandated Reporter Training Program and to access community resources and handouts please visit the Mandated Reporter/Community Outreach Website.


Our Impact in Sonoma County Last Year

  • Children & Families Helped


  • Families Benefited from Creative Arts


  • Counseling Hours Provided


  • New Directions Students


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