CPI provides support through several classes and programs that include Kids' Turn and CoParent Counseling programs. Additionally, CPI offers classes on single parenting, co-parenting after separation or divorce, and parenting in a blended family, as well as CPI classes for parents involved in a high-conflict divorce who may need special help in overcoming parenting and communication challenges.

Kids' Turn

Kids’ Turn is a nationally recognized educational program for families that are going through separation and divorce. The six week program helps children learn how to identify and communicate their feelings and to improve their coping skills to adjust to changes caused by separation and divorce.  Children  ages 5-14 yrs old (4yr old may be able to participate, case by case basis) meet together in age-appropriate groups facilitated by trained therapists to talk about their feelings, concerns and challenges as they experience their parents’ separation and divorce.  Parents who accompany their children will meet in separate groups led by trained therapists to discuss the parenting challenges of divorce, learn useful skills that can help with common co-parenting issues, and help to support children during separation and divorce. 

Kids' Turn  winter session 2017 will be September 11th - October 16,  2017 Mondays at 6:00-7:00pm at our Parent Education Center.  Registration is now on our "classes" tab under Co Parent topics.  For more information about the Kids’ Turn program please contact Dayna Adams (707) 585-6108 x1146.                                                                                                                                                                                                Note: Kids’ Turn September, 2017 will be offered in English and Spanish.                                                                                                                                                        In order to be placed in this session you may contact our Parent Education Center, to find out about the process.  Please call 707-585-6108 x 1240 or by email at

Visit our Classes page to sign up for our Co-Parenting classes, Parenting Apart without Tears and Kids' Turn

Co-Parenting Counseling

Our upcoming Coparent Counseling Orientation  is May  22nd and July 31st,   6pm-730pm.  You can sign up Online under "classes" for the orientation or interest list under "co parent" subtopic. Need to pay to confirm attendance and reserve a space.

Parents face special challenges as they grapple with separation, divorce and creating blended families. Co-parent counseling allows parents an opportunity to talk about the best interests of their children in a neutral environment and, when appropriate, to get input and advice from a professional who is experienced in working with children and families of divorce.

After the orientation date, individual counseling sessions will be scheduled Monday through Friday during business hours 9am-5pm in our Parent Education Center, 3642 Standish Ave Santa Rosa Ca 95407. Payments made before the sessions will be determined on a sliding scale fee $40-$80.   For more information call Dayna Adams at 707-585-6108 x1146

Visit our Classes page to sign up for our Co-Parenting classes, Co-Parent Counseling Orientation