Clases para Padres en CPI

CPI ofrece clases a padres con hijos de 0 – 18 años de edad. Cada clase es instruida por un educador de padres entrenado, quien provee herramientas que los padres pueden adaptar a las necesidades de sus propias familias. Todas las clases tienen enfoque en el desarrollo infantil, enfocándose en que cada hijo y cada padre traen necesidades y temperamentos únicos a la vida familiar.

La mayoría de nuestras clases son en nuestro Centro de Educación ubicado en el Suroeste de Santa Rosa, como también algunas están ubicadas convenientemente en varias partes del Condado De Sonoma.

Nuestras clases incluyen, Grupos de Apoyo para Nuevas Madres, Terrific Toddler, Happiest Baby on the Block, Disciplina con Cariño, Disciplina Positiva. Además, clases para bebés y niños pequeños, como Masaje para su Bebé y Grupos de Juegos, en las que los padres y los hijos asisten juntos

El costo de las clases es por persona, en lugar de que se indique lo contrario. Los niños NO pueden asistir a las clases SOLO cuándo sea específicamente indicado. No proveemos cuidado de niños y los niños no pueden ser dejados sin supervisión. Las clases son en nuestro Centro de Educación para Padres, en el 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

Special Topics

Paternidad Positiva (Triple P class)

3 sessions


FECHA:     Lunes, El 27 de Febrero 27,  el 6 y 13 de  Marzo del 2017     HORA:     6:00-8:00 pm

LUGAR: Escuela Brook Hill Elementary  Salon # 18,    1850 Vallejo St   Santa Rosa 95404       Para preguntas:  Llame al (707) 522-3120

El comportamiento de los niños puede ser una de las partes más difíciles de la crianza de los hijos. Crianza Positiva es un enfoque que tiene como objetivo promover el desarrollo de los niños y controlar el comportamiento y las emociones de una manera constructiva.

Los temas incluyen:

Disciplina asertiva para ayudar a su hijo a tomar responsabilidad de sus acciones.
Creación de un ambiente de amor, y seguro
Uso de estrategias positivas para fomentar el aprendizaje

-Desafiar el pensamiento negativo y el trabajo en equipo

The Power of Positive Parenting Presentation

1 sessions


Free @ Rancho Cotati High School Library, 5450 Snyder Ln, Rohnert Park, CA.

Monday,   February 28th 2017   6:00-7:30pm

Children’s behavior can be one of the most challenging parts of parenting. Positive Parenting is an approach that aims to promote children’s development and manage behavior and emotions in a constructive, non-harmful way.

  • Presented by: Rancho Cotati High School – Project Success and Child Parent Institute

Getting Teens to Cooperate

1 sessions


Tuesday, March 7th, 2017  6:00-730pm    FREE Presentation conducted by a CPI Parent Educator

@ Willowside Middle School, 5285 Hall Rd Santa Rosa Ca 95401

Many parents experience their teenager becoming less cooperate during the transition from child to adult. Parents may find this change upsetting, and it can lead to conflict between parents and teenager. This workshop will give some positive parenting suggestions to help you teach your teenager how to be polite and cooperativ

Reducing Confict in Families of Teenagers

1 sessions


Tuesday, April 25th, 2017  6:00-730pm    FREE Presentation conducted by a CPI Parent Educator

@ Willowside Middle School, 5285 Hall Rd Santa Rosa Ca 95401

We invite you to attend this free workshop to learn some new skills to make parenting a teen a little bit easier on you!
- Learn the common ways family conflict can occur.
- Learn how to encourage family harmony.
- Learn how to deal with an aggressive or argumentative teen.

General Parenting- All Ages

Managing Family Anger

4 sessions


 Thursday,  March 2 – March 23, 2017     6:00 – 8:00pm           

This class explores the causes of anger in family relationships and offers positive strategies for managing angry feelings.  The curriculum demonstrates how to improve family communication and engender greater trust and cooperation among parents and children.  Parents will learn how to manage their own anger and how to model effective anger management strategies for children of all ages.

Mindfulness Program for Parents and Children

6 sessions


Tuesday,  March 21 – April 25th, 2017    6:30 - 8:00pm   6 sessions/ $90 family covers participation of children ages 10-18 years old.

Teaching parents and children how to use mindfulness to ease stress and manage difficult emotions.  The class is intended for parents and children (ages 10-18), but can be applied to younger children.  The practice taught during these sessions have been proven to decrease anxiety in students. They become calmer and more focused and have reported experiencing less stress regarding homework and test.  Students have also reported becoming less emotionally reactive and more compassionate with themselves as well as others.

Teens Ages 12-18

Positive Parenting Teens, ages 12-19yrs old

3 sessions


Wednesday,  March 8 - March 22,   6:00-8:00pm        At our Parent Education Center, 3642 Standish Ave Santa Rosa 95407

For parents of children between 12-19 years of age. This class will help you be positive with your children. Communication, stress management, emotional control and positive discipline are some of the topics we’ll discuss. Triple P principles will be offered during the class.


Parenting Apart without Tears

3 sessions


Monday, March 13 - March 27,  6:00-8:00pm        @ Parent Education Center, 3642 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

This 3-session class covers the patterns that emerge in parenting relationships between ex-partners and how specific challenges can be addressed through improved communication. Several techniques for improving parenting communication are taught and practiced. As well, the class offers crucial up-to-date information on the impacts of divorce conflict on children and provides strategies for parenting that ease the impacts of this impactful event in the vulnerable lives of children.

For more information on Co-parenting, visit our Co-parenting Page

Raising a Child with an Ex-Partner

1 sessions


Wednesday,  March 29, 2017   6:00 –8:00pm       Classes will be held at our Parent Education Center,  3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

This one-evening workshop helps separating and divorcing parents address the challenge of raising children in two households. Learn how to manage a new, co-parenting relationship in ways that reduce conflict and protect children. The workshop offer strategies that can produce greater cooperation between parenting partners.

Coparent Counseling Orientation

1 sessions


Thursday,  March 30, 2017    6:00-7:30pm    Orientation will be held at our Parent Education Center,  3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Registration of all parties is required to secure space, the orientation cost per parent attending to confirm registration. You can all call in to be added to the interest list only until payment/confirmation attendance can be made.

Parents face special challenges as they grapple with separation, divorce and creating blended families. Co-parent counseling allows parents an opportunity to talk about the best interests of their children in a neutral environment and, when appropriate, to get input and advice from a professional who is experienced in working with children and families of divorce.

After the orientation, individual sessions will be schedule on a sliding scale fee $40-80. Individual counseling sessions will be scheduled Monday through Friday during business hours 9am-5pm.

One Day Workshops

Bullying: What can a parent do?

1 sessions


Tuesday, March 14, 2017    6:30-7:30pm        at our Parent Education Center,  3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Unfortunately many are affected by bullying every day, and your best defense is planning on how to guard against it.  Bullying workshop with Parent Educator Karina Peña

Embracing Your Child with ADD/ADHD

1 sessions


Thursday, March 30, 2017   6:30-8:00pm                 Classes will be held at our Parent Education Center,  3642 Standish Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

This class will be a presentation/discussion focusing on the complexities as well as the gifts of the child/teen affected with ADD/ADHD.