Open for enrollment for Fall Kids Turn program

CPI's popular Kids Turn program for children and parents involved in separation and divorce is now open for enrollment for the fall session.

Kids Turn, an educational program for divorcing families, helps children learn how to identify and communicate their feelings and to improve their coping skills to adjust to changes caused by separation and divorce.  The six-week program’s fall session will be held Mondays 6:30-7:30 p.m. from September 19th through October 24th.  Cost for the fall Kids Turn program is $100 per adult, and $75 per child. Enrollment is open to children ages 5-14 and their parents.  Children enrolled in Kids Turn must be accompanied by at least one parent.

Children meet together in age-appropriate groups (ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-14) to talk about their feelings, concerns and challenges as they experience their parents’ separation and divorce.  Each group is facilitated by a therapist trained to address the troubling and sometimes traumatic disturbances that occur in children’s lives as a result of their parents’ divorce.  Parents who participate in Kids Turn meet in two separate groups to discuss the parenting challenges of divorce and to learn more about the experiences of their children.  These groups are also facilitated by therapists. 

“It’s an especially useful program for children because of its focus on age appropriate experiences,” said Bill Haigwood, CPI Kids Turn coordinator.  “It is very reassuring when children can talk to other children their own age about the challenges of their parents’ divorce.”  Before the session ends, participating children write a group letter to their parents explaining the feelings that have come up for them and describing what they need from their parents during the divorce.  “The experience is very empowering for children and tremendously informative for divorcing adults who are sometimes so wrapped up in their own feelings they miss what is happening to their children,” Haigwood said.

Both parents of a child are encouraged to attend.  Each will be in a group separate from their former partner.

Kids Turn is one of a variety of workshops and classes available through CPI’s Parenting Apart curriculum, which includes classes on Raising a Child with an Ex-Partner, Parenting Apart Without Tears, and Blended Families.  CPI also offers a safe environment for families needing supervised visitation. 

To enroll in Kids Turn, or to get more information about Kids Turn and other CPI programs and classes,  Dayna Adams at 707-585-6108 or visit or by calling 707-585-6108x 1240