"It worked! And I didn't have to yell at her. . ."

During CPI parenting classes, parents are asked to share stories about something they have learned. One mother told about driving to the store with her five-year-old daughter. The child decided to take off her seat belt. The mother said that in the past she would have yelled at her daughter and threatened to strike her if she did not refasten her seat belt. But this time the mother said she remembered that her five-year-old wasn't old enough to understand why wearing a seat belt is important.

The mother pulled the car over to the side of the road and told her daughter that "mommy is a very safe driver but that sometimes other people don't pay attention and can hit the car." She told her daughter that she wanted her to be safe and that is why she needed to wear her seat belt. Her daughter let mother buckle her back in and they went to the store.

"My daughter stayed fastened in her seat belt all the way to the store," said the mother. "I felt so much better not yelling. And I found that I didn't have to yell. Also, while we were at the store my daughter was very well behaved."

A small change in behavior, it seems, can make a very big difference in the well being of families.