"I'm at the end of my rope. Where do I turn?"

A mother referred to CPI by her child's school nurse expressed feelings of exasperation and anger with her family situation. She is the mother of four children ages 3-10 while she keeps up her studies at Santa Rosa Junior College. Her husband has an addiction problem and is not available to help her. The mother sought counseling assistance to help with her marriage, but the father would not participate. A CPI parent educator began a series of home visits with the mother, helping her to understand better the challenging behaviors presented by her children.

By adopting a more positive parenting attitude, the mother was able to confidently use new strategies to set limits and solve problems. The mother was particularly enthusiastic about using a "family meeting" model to talk with the children about their needs and how to address them. Within a few weeks time, the mother reported a number of positive changes, including the children's help in setting and keeping routines that made an enormous positive difference in the family dynamic. "Now I'm going to pursue counseling for myself that will help me address the problems in my marriage," the mother said.

Sometimes parents need to take a time-out. A positive parenting attitude has enormous benefits for children.