For over 30 years Child Abuse Prevention Councils have led the way in building awareness, providing education and inspiring hope in the effort to prevent child abuse and neglect in every county in California. The Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Council Coalition represents ten counties coordinating resources, advocating for public policy, producing conferences and trainings and sharing best practices.

Each of the ten Child Abuse Prevention Councils in this coalition is a resource and referral agency. The councils work with public and private agencies to prevent child abuse. We also hold free mandated reporter trainings throughout the Bay Area.

Child Abuse Prevention Councils are made up of professionals, volunteers, donors and parents who are actively preventing child abuse and neglect.

Contact your county to find out how to get involved! Together we can make a difference.

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:

    Parent Support Hotline:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:
    707-585-6108 ext. 1101
    or 415-668-0494

  • Monterey

    To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Child Abuse Prevention Council:

    TALK Line: 415-441-KIDS

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    24 Hour Parent Stress Warmline:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

  • To Report Child Abuse:

    Solano Children’s Alliance/ Child Abuse
    Prevention Council:

  • To Report Child Abuse:
    707-565-4304 or 800-870-7064

    Prevent Child Abuse Sonoma County:
    707-585-6108 ext. 1101

Meet our coalition members

  • Alameda representative
  • Contra Costa representative
  • Marin representative
  • Monterey representative
    Monterey representative

    David Maradei

    Director, Child Abuse Prevention Council for Monterey County (2000 to present)
    Member, Chair, Greater Bay Area CAPC Coalition (2000-present)
    Member, Past Chair, Juvenile Justice Commission for Monterey County (2004-present)
    Co-Chair, Child Death Review Team for Monterey County (2003-present)
    Member, Children’s Council for Monterey County (2002-present)
    Member, the Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (2008-present)
    Member, Child Advocacy Center Quality Assurance Committee, Natividad Hospital (2000-present)
    Member, Juvenile Sex Offender Response Team MDIC (2007-to present)
    Member, Monterey Community Collaborates (Traffic and Tobacco) (2004-present)
    Trainer, Mandated Reporting (2003-present)
    Trainer, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Safe from the Start (2003-present)
    Trainer, Early Childhood Development Program under Dr. Bruce Perry (2003-present)

  • Napa representative
  • San Francisco representative
  • San Mateo representative
  • Santa Clara representative
  • Solano representative
  • Solano representative
  • Sonoma representative
    Sonoma representative

    Robin Bowen

    Robin Bowen has been working for over 35 years in the field of child abuse prevention as the Executive Director of the Child Parent Institute in Santa Rosa. Robin is actively involved in both local and regional advocacy efforts on behalf of children and families. She convenes the local Child Abuse Prevention Council in both Sonoma and Marin Counties. She has championed innovative and efficient services to meet the needs of vulnerable and underserved families. This has resulted in increased collaborations with community organizations and a comprehensive expansion of CPI’s programs to offer prevention, intervention and therapeutic supports when needed.

  • Coalition coordinator
    Coalition coordinator

    Kris Murphey

    Kris is glad to serve as Coalition Coordinator through the Center for Innovation and Resources (CIR). She has more than two decades of experience working with child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment organizations throughout the state of California.

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