2017 Blue Ribbon Luncheon

2017 Blue Ribbon Luncheon & Award Ceremony
hursday, April 27, 2017
ilton Sonoma Wine Country
3555 Round Barn Blvd, Santa Rosa

Attend the Award Ceremony Luncheon with Keynote "What Can Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Look Like?" by Judge Patricia Martin. This item does not include the morning Blue Ribbon Training.

Keynote: What Can Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Look Like?
Presented by Judge Patricia Martin
The strategy historically employed in the area of child welfare is geared toward how to identify at risk children and to remove those children before a tragedy occurs. What would the system look like if the focus was shifted from a reactive approach to a proactive approach? What would become of our vulnerable children and families if the child welfare system were more holistic? Can we create a more holistic system that not only utilizes the expertise of social workers, but encompasses the disciplines necessary to bring about healing and shielding from further harm?
This session offers a glimpse into the workings of the Presidential Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF), including the mission of the CECANF, the process adopted for fact finding, some of the major findings, and the emerging methods to support children and families in need of intervention. The session will end with a guide designed to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect. Come and learn how we can work together to shift from responding to abuse to an evidence-based practice geared toward preventing child abuse and neglect.